Development Update #3 - 03/22/2019

Happy Friday! This is the third bi-weekly development update for everything happening at Upright Labs. Here's our third development update:

New Features

πŸŽ‰ Store reports

Store reports are now viewable for users with the roles of admins, store-admin, and reports-only. These reports give your stores an overview on how their ecommerce is performing. Stores can see how they rank relative to their peer stores in terms of sales.

The first report we have is a store overview report where store-admins can view how they rank against their peers in terms of sales. The second report is a list of all the store's items they've sent in and their status. The last report we have shows how a store's producers are doing in terms of acceptance and rejection rate.

To view these reports, go to

πŸŽ‰ Manifest processor notes

You can now add notes to a manifest as a processor! This is great for leaving suggestions and clues for your posters or admins on why something was accepted/rejected.

πŸŽ‰ Previous listing viewer

Via the listing manager, you can now view past listings easily by clicking to expand a listing. The listing manager right now shows the most current listing for a product. When you expand a listing, it will show all previous listings under it.

πŸŽ‰ Filterable columns

Listing manager columns are now filterable! At your discretion, you can hide and show columns that you'd like to see in the listing manager.

Bug fixes & Improvements

Along with these big feature announcements, we've worked on a number of bug fixes and improvements:


  • Order item subtotal to order items report
  • Hover over failed status to view listing errors in the listing manager
  • Track and store SGW listing errors so posters can see why their items are failing
  • Inform posters that credentials are invalid on the listing if their credentials get out of sync with SGW
  • Warning messages to listings where they cant be modified
  • Shipping carrier option to Link
  • Warning for relisting a sold item
  • Added padding to manifest item names for better sorting


  • Moved "relist count" column over to the left on the SGW listing manager
  • Renamed "Chinese" eBay listings to "Auction"
  • Fixed issue where multiple SGW listings would show up on home page
  • Fixed issue where SGW listings would display as expired but really sold
  • Fixed issue where eBay inputs wouldn't save creatable values

What's Next


We are close to wrapping up our OfferUp shipping integration and should be complete sometime next week. After we complete and test our integration, OfferUp will be available in a beta state. If you're interested in testing out OfferUp, please reach out!

Listing strategies and Automatic Relisting

Over the next month, we will begin development on what we call "Listing Strategies". These strategies are workflows for you listing that allow you to define how something gets listed, relisted, and purged automatically. Our goal is to allow admins to simplify the relisting and purging flows for ecommerce operations. With listing strategies, you'll be able to automatically relist items between marketplaces and auto purge items after relisting a certain amount of times.

Thats it for this development update! If you have any questions on how to use the features or improvements above, please feel free to reach out at or call 201-956-1246 anytime.