Development Update #1 - 02/22/2019

Hello and welcome to the first bi-weekly development update by Upright Labs! Our goal in this weekly newsletter is to detail what we've worked on and what's coming up next.

Past two weeks have been really busy for the dev team here at Upright Labs, and we have lots of new features we are super excited to announce. First up is the debut of our mobile app, Link.

New Features

One of the biggest issues we've seen certain Goodwill members face is syncing their photography to Lister. It's a painful process that usually involves carrying around SD cards or keeping a Google Drive in sync. Even with these solutions, the process is painstaking, slow, and error prone. To help fix these issues and to create a streamlined listing flow, we created Upright Link.

Link is a mobile app to keep your listings in sync on Upright Lister. With Link, you can sync your photography with Lister by tracking your inventory from manifests, to QC, to photography, to listing.

To get started, download Link from the Apple App Store and login with your Lister username/password. From there, you can either create or lookup your draft products with the barcode lookup. Link is designed to be completely streamlined within your operation. It works best when you use the totality of Lister, from manifest, to draft products, to listing.

Here's a video demo

Requirements: iPhone 5s+, iPod touch 5+, Ipad 2+; iOS 11+. Android is not supported.

Shopgoodwill Relisting

Relisting has been a long-requested feature, and we are happy to say that relisting and bulk relisting support is here! With your listing manager, you can now relist your items with a bunch of different parameters like "Buy It Now Price", "Auction Length", and "Shipping Price".

To get started with relisting, you'll need to add your Shopgoodwill API keys to our system, please follow the documentation here to do that.


Along with these big feature announcements, we've worked on a number of bug fixes and improvements:

Draft Products

Create a draft product from your manifest items. Allows you to open the items and attach photographs within Link and allows you to tie together your manifest items to your products. Please see this video demonstration on how this works.

Bulk Reshelfing

Bulk move your products to different shelves by scanning or typing into the bulk reshelf button on the products page. Please see this video demonstration on how this works.

Listing Manager Thumbnails

You can now view thumbnail images for your listings within the listing manager.

Store Admin Role

The store admin role allows for a user to be an admin of a store. Store admins can view all the manifest items created by a store and soon be able to view special reports on their store's performance.

Shipping Only User Role

Want to have a shipper that can only view orders and not post any items? Well now you can with our new "Shipping" role. To enable for a use, navigate to your admin settings, edit users, then select the "Shipping" role for a specific user.

Print Packing slips by Carrier

You can now print your packing slips for shipping by carrier, just click "Print Packing Slips" from the orders page, and then type in the carrier or select from the dropdown. Please see this video demonstration on how this works.

Listing Manager Relist Counts

We've added relist counts to the listing manager for both Shopgoodwill and eBay.

Whats Next


The next big feature we are working on for Lister is our OfferUp shipping integration. This will allow you to post shipping only items via Lister to sell on the OfferUp marketplace. The Upright Labs team has been working very closely with OfferUp for the past few months and will be ready by end of March for full integration.

Store Admin Reports

Within the next 2 weeks, we'll be adding support for Store reports. This will allow your store admins to view all their items that they've sent in, where those items have been listed to, and how much revenue their store has made.

One of issues we see is a lack of communication between stores and ecomm, and we think with the addition of this new report, stores will be better kept in the loop on their online performance.

Inventory Confirmation

We hear a ton that items are put away in different locations than whats put in Lister, causing spikes of "item not found" refunds. Our answer to this is to add put-away functionality to Link by end of March. Here's how it will work:

After an item is created in Lister, Link will be able to tell the poster where to put the item away, and once the item is confirmed put-away, we'll update Lister with the correct location. This way it ensures that all items are in the place they should be.

Thats it for this development update! If you have any questions on how to use the features or improvements above, please feel free to reach out at or call 201-956-1246 anytime.